What We DO 

At FORT Creative you can find exactly what you are searching for from Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics to Web development. Ensure that our designs will help your business stand out to engage with the audience and deliver a clear message.



First Impressions Last

Our mission is to create a unique graphical identity for your brand to stand out in the market. We dedicate the time to conduct a background research related to the project at hand whilst consulting the client on a regular basis as to ensure that the right audience is successfully targeted. At FORT Creative you can find exactly what you are searching for such as developing a fresh complete brand identity to customising logos and brand collateral. Throughout the process of enhancing your brand we ensure that the personality of the brand is kept intact.



Design is thinking made visual

It is said that an important characteristic for a designer is to have an eye for detail. Our creative team embraces the citation that “the details are not the details, they make the design”. It is our commitment that this is reflected in our graphic design services. Our creative team is mainly focused on digital and print design; this covers anything from flyers and invitations, to billboards. We deliver all the services that you might need for your marketing campaign to stand-out on any chosen social media platform. Our design styles range from simple to complex, modern and classic, and feminist to masculine.



The future is in motion

Simple text or images are not always the ideal mode of design for the message to come across. Sometimes one might need to go a step further to engage with the audience and deliver a stronger message. This is rightly done via motion graphics which has gained popularity in the recent years as it creates a stronger connecting link between the brand and the viewers. Our motion graphics services include Television Commercials (TVCs) and GIFs.



Kicking-off your online business

When it comes to branding it is fundamental for the running of the business to generate an online platform as this will keep you in touch with your clients by updating them on a regular basis with the services and/or products offered. Our web design services will serve as the bridge between your clients and your sales. The new user-friendly designed website, will increase engagement with customers and in result this will boost up the business by making more sales. Our web design services include market research and website interface. During the process of web design, we will test the website to make sure that it looks great on any device irrespective of the screen size. All our clients receive support from us even after the website has been launched so as to guarantee that the running of the website is as smooth as possible. 

We are a small focused marketing and

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